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Diversity by default at Lloyds Banking Group January 03, 2019

An interview with Adam Collins, Stakeholder Engagement Manager. Group Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group.

Why is diversity an important part of your strategy at Lloyds Banking Group?

Instead of perceiving diversity as a separate part of what your organisation does, we believe everything should be diverse by default; from your hiring process and customer experience to the makeup of your teams- and we also know that more diverse teams are more successful teams.

How are your ensuring your workforce is diverse?

One of the ways we are doing this is by setting leadership targets. For instance, we are aiming to have 40% of our senior leadership be women by 2020, and 10% be of the BAME category. Also, we are not only the first FTSE 500 company to publicly announce such targets- but are also on track to reach our diversity objectives by our set target of 2020, which is extremely exciting. There are also certain sectors in particular that require more work than others- for example, women only make up 17% of the IT workforce, which we see as something that is a key issue that needs to be tackled, hence why we put on public evenings such as the Ada Lovelace event we held- to empower and encourage women to take up these roles within tech.

The inclusion of the LGBT community is key for us too. In 2017 we were named the number one company on Stonewall’s 100 most inclusive employers list in the UK, which we were thrilled about. We have also fostered strong internal communities within our organisation to specifically encourage and foster the growth of individuals that are a part of the LGBT community, have families or are from minority groups etc. These internal communities are sponsored by senior leadership who answer directly to the CEO- which shows Lloyd Banking Group's commitment across the board to empowering various groups and individuals within the organisation. It is encouraging to hear about all the excellent diversity initiatives being carried out at the group, and this sets a positive benchmark for organisations across the UK. 

How does being a member of the Digital Leadership Forum support your goals around diversity, and innovation?

Being part of DLF, gives us the opportunity to meet individuals from a range of backgrounds, industries and ways of life- and discuss the issues that are most important to us with a range of sectors. It is easy to sometimes get stuck having these conversations within your own sector, which for us would exclusively be with other large banks. DLF gives us an opportunity to get out of the office, share ideas and best practice with each other- and figure out the best ways to move forward and innovate as a community in the right way.

Adam Collins is a Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Lloyds Banking Group and has worked with the organisation for six years. He is passionate about and driven by inclusion, innovation and transformation.

Written by Ajay Gnanam, Digital Leadership Forum

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