The world of work is changing fast. Attend this session to hear how you and your organisation can embrace the future of work.

Topics include:

  • When machines become workers, what is the human role?
  • How can you retain, nurture and upskill the talent of tomorrow?
  • How is the gig economy impacting the future of work?
  • How are startups reinventing organisational structure?
  • How can you prepare yourself to thrive in the workforce of the future?

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Alastair Woods

Alastair is a Director in PwC's Human Resource Consulting practice focused on performance and reward. He works with multinational organisations (mainly industrial and energy companies) in addressing challenges in their reward strategy and linking this to the business goals, organisational culture and the employment value offering.

He’s fascinated by the generational challenges facing organisations today and firmly believes the one size fits all approach to reward and performance management is going to have to change.

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Registration opens 23rd February 2019

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Event Audience

This session is relevant for everyone working in Innovation and/or Leadership. We regularly welcome attendees from director to exec level in the following roles: Digital / Marketing / Communications / Social Media  / Data / Insights / Innovation & Transformation / Analysts / Academics and Legal Professionals.